Screen locking

How to lock your screen on a Mac? Well, Apple has provided the hot corners, but I never liked that. When my mouse accidentally ended up in the corner of my screen, it locked and … oops, I had to enter my password again… I’ve used LockTight for a long, long time, but the piece of software is aging and I haven’t succeeded in compiling it for 64bit, yet (volunteers? leave a comment please). This week a colleague showed me that recent versions of MacOS X have a nice key combination for that: Control-Shift-Eject (at least on notebooks).

There are some differences, that still make me prefer LockTight over the default hotkey:

  • LockTight’s hotkey can be changed to whatever combination you like (I use Control-Alt-Command-Space).
  • LockTight will just lock the screen by starting the screen saver, while Ctrl-Shift-Eject will put all screens to sleep and start the screen saver if it is configured.
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